Lucky Puppy Lottery No.84 is now on sale!
Lucky Puppy Lottery No.84 is now on sale!
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Past Winners

Congratulations to all our Lucky Puppy Lottery winners!

The results of all the more recent draws are listed below:

Lottery No. 83
PrizeTicket NumberState
Grand Prize#2,952NSW
Early Bird#186,050QLD
VIP Prize#24,065ACT
Lucky Club Prize#132,115VIC
Bonus Prize#160,960QLD
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 83 Winners
Pictured is Mary, the lucky club prize winner in Lucky Puppy Lottery Number 83.

Here's what our Lucky Club Prize winner in Lottery No. 83, Mary had to say (pictured above)!

"It is a pleasure to support Seeing Eye Dogs. As a dog owner I know how much love and affection a dog can give a person. Knowing that I can support this organisation to help train dogs to assist people living with blindness or low vision, brings me great joy. With the intelligence, love and compassion of a dog I know their lives will be completely changed. When I received the phone call to advise that I was the lucky winner of the $500 Coles Myer Gift Card, I was overjoyed. I look forward to continuing to support Seeing Eye Dogs as I understand that their work can only occur with the good will of those who donate. Thank you to this amazing organisation and all that they do"

Lottery No. 82
PrizeTicket NumberState
Grand Prize#149,610VIC
Early Bird#186,050VIC
VIP Prize#34,376VIC
Lucky Club Prize#131,317NSW
Bonus Prize#157,543NSW
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 82 Winners
Pictured is Jill, the first prize winner in Lucky Puppy Lottery Number 82.

Here's what our Grand Prize winner in Lottery No. 82, Jill had to say (pictured above)!

"Our family has supported Seeing Eye Dogs and Vision Australia for many years - who doesn’t want to raise funds for a cause that helps people who are blind or have low vision and trains puppies!!! However, in the last 5 years it got very personal. My brother became ill and needed a service/care dog. He was paired with a beautiful labrador who didn’t quite make it through his guide dog training, but was perfect as my brother’s watchful and loving companion.

So, thank you, and I wish for many more years of fabulously successful fundraising for this great cause."

Here's what our Early Bird winner in Lottery No. 82, Susan had to say!

"Thanks to Seeing Eye Dogs Lucky Puppy Lottery, I’m very pleased to have won this Gift card by giving a little support to this worthy cause."

Lottery No. 81
PrizeTicket NumberState
Grand Prize#210,686QLD
Early Bird#114,734NSW
VIP Prize#28,150NSW
Lucky Club Prize#154,481NSW
Bonus Prize#268,359VIC
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 81 Winners
Lottery No. 80
PrizeTicket NumberState
Grand Prize#114,706ACT
Early Bird#153,622NSW
VIP Prize#38,809VIC
Lucky Club Prize#90,594VIC
Bonus Prize#200,388NSW
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 80 Winners
Lottery No. 79
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#186,728VIC
2nd Prize#203,760QLD
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 79 Winners
Pictured is Brock, the first prize winner in Lucky Puppy Lottery Number 79.

Here's what our Grand Prize winner in Lottery No. 79, Brock had to say!

"When I received a phone call stating I had won a car and a Harvey Norman voucher I was sceptical.

This very quickly turned to utter joy and disbelief as I realised it was Vision Australia. I had recently bought some raffle tickets, so I realised I had won first prize. It was one of the best phone calls I have had, as I have never won anything before.

As soon as I had finished the phone call, I rang my wife to tell her the great news and booked a nice restaurant to celebrate our win. All the family and friends I told I won a car all said they had all been in raffles where a car was a prize but never knew anyone that had won.

I am living proof it does happen! My son is legally blind, and I usually support charities that help people with a disability as I have firsthand experience of how hard it is to raise money for such a great cause.

From the first phone contact to delivery of the car and voucher was effortless for me and the people concerned should be congratulated on how they made it all come together without any problems and such quick speed."

Lottery No. 78
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#186,070NSW
2nd Prize#1,157VIC
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 78 Winners
Lottery No. 77
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#62,741NSW
2nd Prize#267,195VIC
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 77 Winners
Lottery No. 76
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#82,679VIC
2nd Prize#85,353TAS
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 76 Winners
Lottery No. 75
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#46,515NSW
2nd Prize#211,259VIC
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 75 Winners
Lottery No. 74
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#12,151NSW
2nd Prize#25,977QLD
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 74 Winners
Lottery No. 73
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#83,557NSW
2nd Prize#70,456QLD
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 73 Winners
Lottery No. 72
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#70,827QLD
2nd Prize#154,322QLD
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 72 Winners
Lottery No. 71
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#37,653VIC
2nd Prize#20,413VIC
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 71 Winners
Lottery No. 70
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#152,348QLD
2nd Prize#68,088QLD
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 70 Winners
Lottery No. 69
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#65,070NSW
2nd Prize#157,614VIC
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 69 Winners
Lottery No. 68
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#117,258QLD
2nd Prize#88,296QLD
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 68 Winners
Lottery No. 66
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#181,206NSW
2nd Prize#155,622VIC
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 66 Winners
Lottery No. 65
PrizeTicket NumberState
1st Prize#81,890QLD
2nd Prize#107,170TAS
Lucky Puppy Lottery No. 65 Winners

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