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Lucky Puppy Lottery No.84 is now on sale!
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Rolf, Echo and Stella's Story

Rolf’s career as a successful wedding cake designer had just come to a shattering end. His ongoing sight loss meant he could no longer continue his career. After months of uncertainty, he went to his local employment office, only to be told to ‘go home and take it easy on the pension’. He thought his life was over.

But then he came to Seeing Eye Dogs and was matched with Echo. Echo not only allowed him to get around with confidence, but she also allowed him to connect with the world again. Echo became integral to Rolf’s connection to his community. In a way, she became part of his identity.

When Echo started getting old, Rolf was faced with an unthinkable decision. He loved Echo and knew she would be nearing retirement soon, but he couldn’t bear to imagine life without her. He says his decision to let Echo retire was one of the most heart-wrenching decisions of his life.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the end for Rolf, but the start of a new beginning. Rolf was able to be matched with Seeing Eye Dog, Stella.

Stella joined Rolf and Echo, while Echo was enjoying her retirement, and the two dogs became great friends. Tragically though, Echo did recently pass away.

Of course, the transition to a new dog wasn’t easy. “Stella is a very different dog to Echo, but I felt the bond with Stella growing from day one,” Rolf remembers.

Now that Rolf has Stella, there’s no stopping him!

“Stella helps me do everything from going to the shops, going to the dentist, going to the bank and commuting to work. Catching cabs, trains, planes, buses, all sorts of things. She allows me to contribute to society. She helps me connect and interact with people. Without Stella, I wouldn’t be working in my amazing job. I wouldn’t be traveling to Sydney. I wouldn’t be doing all the things I do,” says Rolf.

With Seeing Eye Dog Echo by his side previously, and now Stella, it has allowed Rolf to realise his full potential. Without his dog guides, he admits that he would only be living a fraction of his life.

“It’s life-changing and I couldn’t do it by myself. I’m so grateful, and I can’t say that enough!”

Your support of the Lucky Puppy Lottery allows people who are blind or have low vision, to live the life they choose. It also makes it possible for Seeing Eye Dogs to care for, train and match more dog guides, so that people like Rolf will always have the guide they need!